Monday, May 26, 2014

Buffy Likes Her Camisoles

Cute camisoles are a staple of Buffy's daily wardrobe, especially in the earlier seasons. Just match it with straight leg slacks, chunky heels and an oversized cross necklace and you have a complete ensemble. Season 2 would probably have to be one of my favorites, in terms of Buffy's style.

Ever wonder about the cute leaf print top she wears in the season 2 episode "The Dark Age"? That is by another designer favorite, of the wardrobe department, BCBG Maxazria.

A great deal of Buffy's wardrobe seemed to either be D&G or BCBG Maxazria. And who can blame them? Both are excellent brands and are extremely fashionable.

But let's be honest. Wardrobe stylist Cynthia Bergstrom could have dressed Sarah Michelle Gellar in a trash bag and she'd still look amazing.