Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fashion Flashback: Wide Leg Jeans

I wish the wide leg fit was currently in style. If it was, I would hope J. Brand would bring back these Joplin Palazzo jeans Katie Holmes is wearing, because it is too cute! I'm fairly certain that Katie Holmes and Sarah Michelle Gellar are wearing the same style jeans.

The jeans Katie Holmes is wearing have already been identified as J. Brand Joplin Palazzo jeans, but SMG's haven't been spotted yet. It's hard to tell if it is the same style and brand, since jeans are so hard to identify, but they both wore it around the same year, 2007, when the jeans were being sold in stores. So there is a good chance they are both wearing J. Brand Joplin Palazzo jeans.

But it doesn't really matter if it is the same pair or not, since J. Brand no longer sells it. I really like this look of casual chic with the wide leg jeans. It's a way to dress down, but still look stylish. I wish J. Brand still sold these jeans. I'm getting so tired of the same old skinny jeans in department stores.

One thing is certain, once wide leg jeans become the trend, once again, I will be the first one to jump on the band wagon!