Sunday, May 25, 2014

Veronika Decides to Die & Burberry

I recently made an interesting discovery while looking through stills from "Veronika Decides to Die". I came across one photo that has Sarah Michelle Gellar wearing a casual quilted coat.

I have enlarged the visible lining, and it appears to be the iconic plaid print used by Burberry. I looked up "Burberry Quilted Jackets" and it turns out they make A LOT of similar coats.

It's hard to specify the exact coat Sarah Michelle Gellar wears, but it looks a bit like the "Burberry Brit Classic Quilted Jacket" in Black.

I doubt it is exact. The shape of the brit jacket looks more tapered, but it's also buttoned up. So it's hard to tell for sure. It doesn't help that there are just so many similar jackets by Burberry.

It would be pretty hard to find an authentic Burberry quilted coat, from 2008, since the net is so flooded with fakes. It wouldn't really be worth trying to find one, just to be left uncertain whether it's authentic or not. It's still a cute jacket, though.