Thursday, June 5, 2014

Real or Fake?: Marc by Marc Jacobs Pansy Print Silk Dress

A very popular dress, among fashion lovers, is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Pansy Print Silk Dress. In stores, it originally retailed for $358 at Neiman Marcus.

The popularity of the dress grew, not just because it is super adorable, but also due to those who wore it. Included in the bunch is Anna Paquin (who wore it while out and about) and Ashley Greene (who wore it in the Twilight Film Saga: Eclipse while portraying Alice Cullen).

Of course, since the film was released in 2010, the dress has long since been sold out in stores. That hasn't stopped fans from trying their best to snatch one up on well known auction sites. Below we have a close up photo of two dresses (ignore the color difference. That is just due to lighting).

Both sellers claim it is a Marc by Marc Jacobs Pansy Print silk dress, but look at the labels. One dress is labeled a 4 and the other is labeled a Large.

The dress on the left is most likely authentic, because real Silk dresses by Marc by Marc Jacobs are sized by Numbers, not S, M and L. You can also see a slight difference in the button clasping the front of the dress. One has a gold rim to it while the other is solid blue.

Unfortunately, not all of the fakes are as easy to spot as this one. And for those out there who are knowingly selling counterfeit clothing, penalties can range from the following:
  • 5-10 years in prison
  • Fines of up to $500,000 (possibly more depending on the case)
 Source: Legal Match

It is infuriating that there are so many sellers out there duping buyers with designer fakes. I've seen auctions for these fake Marc Jacobs dresses go as high as $225. What they are doing is the equivalent of stealing.

Ebay has a strict policy against selling counterfeit merchandise, but sellers, like this,  manage to find ways to sneak through the cracks.

This is why I have given up on shopping online auction sites, because I don't like being forced to second guess the authenticity of every gown, prior to purchase. I love designer clothing way too much to put up with that sort of crap.

Everyone else can have their Ebay, but for me, I will continue to shop the sales racks at my local department stores, because there is nothing more embarrassing than being caught wearing an overpriced designer fake.