Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Buffy Makes a Fashion Switch in Time to Kick Vampire Ass

In season two episode one of Buffy, we see a return of a fashion favorite. Not surprisingly, even in Buffy's nightmares, she still manages to where designer brands. In this case, it's a blue lace trim car cardigan by D&G.

If a slayer has to go down, in battle, it might as well be while wearing some designer threads. One of the many things I admire about the show's wardrobe is the classic designers chosen for the cast. You can't go wrong with D&G.

The top seems somewhat out of the norm for Buffy's character. I can't recall many other instances where she is wearing a short sleeve cardigan. The sunflower applique has more of a Willow vibe than a Buffy stylistic choice, in my opinion. None-the-less, it is a cute sweater.

Later, Buffy pulls off quite an impressive wardrobe change as she pulls up to the school wearing a pink camisole just to be be seen wearing a pair of high waist-ed slacks and a white tank in the very next scene.

Either Buffy pulled a Clark Kent and made a quick change in a phone booth or production made a small continuity error. 

But don't worry. The same pink camisole makes a return in time for the following school day. It's probably for the best since the hiked up pants were bordering soccer mom territory.