Saturday, June 7, 2014

Buffy Spills Bong Water on Her Pants

Buffy's outfit choices are usually spot on 95% of the time, but she still has that 5% that leaves ya wondering, "What was she thinking".

My only conclusion to Buffy's ensemble in "The Replacement" is laundry day or drug induced hysteria. Since Buffy doesn't seem like the type to have Reefer Madness, I'm going to guess the former.

If the shiny multi-colored halter and the tie-dye pants weren't enough, she later tops it off with a hooded purple sweater thing. I remember when these sweater coats were popular. It left everyone looking like a bag lady. I thought the scoobies lived in California. Why does everyone constantly wear coats?

Despite the horrendous fashion choice for this ep, everyone is allowed a bad fashion day. We can only hope Toth's demon blood permanently stained this hideous ensemble.

What do you consider Buffy's worst fashion moment?