Monday, June 23, 2014

Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Friends had More in Common than You Think

Buffy does not appear pleased

Who would have thought Rachel Green & Buffy Summers had similar taste in fashion. Well, at least in one episode. While getting the stink eye from Brad Pitt in the Friends episode "The One with the Rumor", Rachel Green wears a Laundry by Shelli Segal lace bell sleeve top. That same year, Buffy Summers wore the same top in the Btvs episode "Smashed". Both aired in November of 2001.

In a BBC interview with Cynthia Bergstrom, head wardrobe stylist for Buffy, she mentions that the Laundry Lace top was borrowed from the Friends wardrobe team. So in fact, Buffy and Rachel are not only wearing the same designer and style, they are actually wearing the exact same top. Special thanks to Obscurebookwyrm who reminded me of this fact.

Willow: "How come you didn't tell me I look like a crazy birthday cake in this shirt?"

In a different Friends episode, Phoebe can be seen wearing Willow's "birthday cake" shirt (Photo Credit). With the numerous costume changes that occur, cast members are bound to wear the same designer tops. But it is still fun to spot.


  1. It's interesting how some outfits make the rounds on a lot of different shows every year, especially if the designer is very popular that season. In the case of the Laundry lace top, too, it's not just the same style - the *same shirt* was used by both wardrobe departments! Cynthia Bergstrom mentioned in an interview that she borrowed the shirt from the "Friends" wardrobe team.

    1. Oh wow! That's cool! That vid is how I was able to identify the top. I totally forgot that it was actually borrowed from the set itself. Thanks for the info! :D

  2. There is also an episode of sex and the city where Carrie is wearing the same demon shirt that Buffy does in the " no place like home" when she does the spell to see what's making her mom sick.

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