Monday, June 2, 2014

Flashback: Meeting Anthony Stewart Head & Clayburn Moore

In my closet, I have some random boxes for storage, because keeping clothes in there is just silly. Included in the mix, is a box with some of my old Buffy action figures from the Moore 2000 collection.

All together I have eight Buffy action figures which includes 3 different Buffys, Angel, Angelus, The Master and 2 different Willows.

Man, does that bring back memories. I remember buying four action figures at this one comic book store. That day, they had the designer, Clayburn Moore, in for autographs. He is such a nice guy.

Me and Clayburn Moore back in 2000.

That year, I also met Anthony Stewart Head who played Giles. He was super awesome! I waited in line, with a friend of mine, for about 2 hours. The line was wrapped completely around the comic book store and it was totally worth it. 

I remember being super nervous. I was so nervous in fact that I forgot to tell him my name so he could personalize it. I brought my Buffy yearbook so he could sign the cover. 

I love his sense of humor! Prior to signing, he told me it is tradition to sign yearbooks with "Have a nice summer", and with his signature, he did just that! I still have that autographed Buffy yearbook, to this day.