Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Never Kill A Boy on the First Date: Buffy's Sparkly Gold Dress

One of Buffy's most iconic outfits, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is her sparkly gold dress she wore to the Bronze. The dress was worn in several season 1 promotional images as well as the episode "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date".

"If the apocalypse comes, beep me."

In the season 1 episode, the dress is matched with brown, knee-high boots, and a pink, button-down coat. And who can forget the much needed accessory of a 90's beeper.

The boots have the ever so popular 90's chunky heel. The look became a an ongoing statement, in Buffy's season 1 wardrobe. In high school, I liked the look so much, I went out and bought my own pair.

I'm not sure who made this dress. I'm not exactly sure it was store bought. I believe there is a good chance the dress was custom made by the costume department. One thing is certain though. Buffy sure does look fabulous in it.

Buffy Summers: "Okay, guy's opinion. Which one do you think Owen will like better: The red or the peach?"

Xander Harris: "Oh, you mean for kissing you and then telling all his friends how easy you are so everyone loses respect for you and talks behind your back? The red's fine."

Buffy Summers: "Thanks. I'll go with the peach."

Question of the day:
If you could own one outfit, from Btvs, what would you choose?