Thursday, June 19, 2014

Since When Did Cordy & Buffy Share Clothes?

I'm watching Angel season 1 episode 19 "Sanctuary", and I just happened to notice that Charisma Carpenter is wearing the same style top that Sarah Michelle Gellar wore in the BTVS episode "Restless".

I never would have imagined that Cordelia & Buffy would have the same taste in fashion. I guess Cordelia had a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants bonding moment with Buffy, just prior to leaving Sunnydale.

Note: To answer comments on fb, yes I know the stripes on the tops are slightly skewed. Despite it being the same style and brand, patterns are bound to be slightly skewed during the manufacturing process.  And yes, I know these are two separately manufactured tops. I was making what is called a "JOKE" by saying Cordelia & Buffy share clothing.


  1. People are weird, Cordy is built like my Mom (AKA actual human Barbie, LOL, "blessed" bust, small waist etc) and Buffy is less so in the bust, especially after season one. Good catch, I thought I had photographic memory... I do try to forget that one ep of BtVS though. Total Sisterhood mo! Joss had all three of his shows' staffs ( BtVS, Angel, Firefly)in one building at one time, so I'm surprised there weren't more clothing swaps :) Cool blog!

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