Thursday, June 19, 2014

Since When Did Cordy & Buffy Share Clothes?

I'm watching Angel season 1 episode 19 "Sanctuary", and I just happened to notice that Charisma Carpenter is wearing the same style top that Sarah Michelle Gellar wore in the BTVS episode "Restless".

I never would have imagined that Cordelia & Buffy would have the same taste in fashion. I guess Cordelia had a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants bonding moment with Buffy, just prior to leaving Sunnydale.

Note: To answer comments on fb, yes I know the stripes on the tops are slightly skewed. Despite it being the same style and brand, patterns are bound to be slightly skewed during the manufacturing process.  And yes, I know these are two separately manufactured tops. I was making what is called a "JOKE" by saying Cordelia & Buffy share clothing.