Saturday, June 21, 2014

True Blood: How to Accessorize like Sookie Stackhouse

One of the aspects of Sookie Stackhouse, that often goes unnoticed, is her adorable accessories. Now seemed like a good time to take a look at some of the pieces Sookie has worn through the years.

While dining with Bill, In S03E012 "Beyond Here Lies Nothin", Sookie can be seen wearing a JCPenney Heart & Bar 10K Tri-color gold bracelet.

This adorable linked bracelet was sold exclusively at JCPenney and is adorned with 10K yellow, white and rose gold. This piece isn't easy to find, but it does pop up, now and again, on Ebay.

Time for necklaces. Upon first meeting Alcide, in S03E03 "It Hurts Me Too", Sookie wears an adorable Butterfly necklace with a blue (possibly green) center and gold chain.

I'm unaware of who made this particular neck, but fortunately, there are a lot of similar alternative options available, online.

Throughout MANY episodes, Sookie can be wearing her favorite pair of earrings. One such episode is S01E02 "The First Taste". It's hard to see from the photo, but the earrings are miniature dangling hearts. Many of Sookie's ensembles wouldn't quite be complete without these delicate earrings.

Who can forget Sookie's memorable sunglasses from S01E01 "Strange Love". Similar sunglasses are fairly easy to find. All it takes is a pair of white frames with dark lenses and presto! You are ready to sunbathe in style, like Sookie. Some really cute, affortable alt. options include this pair by Esprit and this pair by Urban Outfitters.

There you have it. Some of Sookie's most adorable accessories to compliment any outfit. Now you can be just as stylish as the blonde Merlotte's waitress. Which piece of jewelry is your favorite?