Monday, June 2, 2014

True Blood: Sookie Stackhouse's Floral Prints

I am a total sucker for floral print so it is no surprise that I am drawn to Sookie's fashion choices on True Blood. The dress on the left is from S1E05 and the dress on the right is from S03E05 and S03E06. Both of the dresses are from American Eagle Outfitters. A surprising amount of Sookie's wardrobe comes from that store.

The yellow floral dress is by J. Crew and is worn by Sookie in S01E08. The dress is later given to Jessica who wears it in S02E02, S02E03 and S02E04. The dress was originally marketed as a J. Crew Swimsuit coverup, but is worn as a dress, on the show. Quite a few tend to be listed on auction sites like Ebay. If searching for it, look in the dress and in the swimsuit coverup sections.

While visiting Dallas, TX in S02E04, Sookie wears a yellow, floral cardigan, which is by Delia*s. The cardigan was originally sold in pink floral print as well as yellow. But Sookie only wears the yellow version.