Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tips & Tricks: How to find True Blood & Buffy Clothing Items

Sometimes is can be difficult to find certain outfits worn by our favorite characters. The outfits usually are no longer in stores so you have to resort to searching for it on Ebay or Poshmark. Well, I am now going to tell you some tips and tricks to finding outfits. This is how I have found many of my pieces.

The Search Begins

Let's start off by trying to find an outfit worn by Sookie Stackhouse / Anna Paquin from True Blood. For this example, we are going to search for with Sookie's Floral dress from Season one.

Keep Your Search Terms Vague

Now, we know the dress is by American Eagle so I'm going to type that in along with the words "floral" in the dress section. The key to this is to be as vague as possible. This is because a lot of people aren't very descriptive when listing their auctions.

This search produced 760 auctions. YIKES! That would take forever to go through so let's narrow that down a bit.

Include "Non Specified"

As you can see, Sookie's dress has short sleeves. So let's go ahead and limit the search to include dresses with "cap sleeves" and "short sleeves". We are doing this, because people often interchange the two so it's best to include both.

Remember what I said about being vague? While you're at it, go ahead and check the sleeve style "not specified". Often times, sellers do not fill in all the the subcategories in their listing. When narrowing your search, it is a good idea to include the subcategory "not specified". Now our search is down to 116 items. Much better.  Time to see if we struck gold.

The End Result

Well what do ya know. We've found the dress and with the starting bid of 99¢! Woohoo! Now, this isn't the only way to find outfits, from a tv show, but it's the way I find to be the most successful.

This tutorial can of course be applied to other clothing items, just keep these tips in mind: be vague & include "not specified" and you are more likely to be successful in your search.