Sunday, September 27, 2015

Spotted: Buffy's Floral Blouse in After Life

Thanks to the fine detective work, conducted by Jinx03, Buffy's floral blouse from the season six episode After Life has been spotted.

The blouse is by Kataylone Adeli, is beige in color, has an off centered neckline and is adorned with subtle floral print.

Buffy may still be in her own personal hell on Earth, but her fashion is still on point.


  1. "Fine detective work"? Why, thank you! (Yeah, I'm Jinx03 on CoolSpotters even though I'm obscurebookwyrm pretty much everywhere else online. Should probably sort that one of these days.) I was quite happy about this one - I've always thought Buffy had great taste in tops. Great but expensive. From this blouse in Season 6 to that Mark Wong Nark dress from Season 2, it's all *really* high end. Honestly, she could have just sold off her designer wardrobe and her money troubles would have been over!

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