Thursday, October 8, 2015

Spotted: Sarah Michelle Gellar's Printed Shirtdress

While promoting Foodstirs, in New York on Oct. 7, 2015, Sarah Michelle Gellar was seen wearing an adorable Tory Burch Pleated Silk Shirtdress. The dress is in the red agate confetti print and is currently available at Tory Burch.


  1. Wow, you spotted this? Great find! I'd love to know how you tracked it down - I tend to find things by Google searches of broad descriptors, which can be kinda hot-or-miss. Right now, for instance, I'm looking for a couple of lace-embellished tops Gellar wore in Instagram/Foodstirs posts and having no luck at all. (I am, however, cleaning house on old wardrobe mysteries from The Crazy Ones and Covert Affairs. Thanks for that link to the auctioneers' site!)

  2. Glad you like the spot :D It's a beautiful dress, indeed! I find most of my spots by using clothing type search engines. This one popped up in the search engine when I typed in the terms "shirt dress" and "print". I just lucked out lol